Announcing CoreSinging’s 2015 Schedule


(Annecy – January 12, 2015) – Dr. Meribeth Dayme, the founder of CoreSinging® and author of the best-selling book, Dynamics of the Singing Voice is excited to announce the 2015 CoreSinging schedule and the re-launch of  

New Offerings
Meribeth 2“Over the last few months, I’ve given quite a lot of thought as to how CoreSinging can make even more difference to the community of dedicated singers and teachers who offer so much in their own locales, in education, and in performance at every level.”  Dr. Meribeth remarked.  “To that end we have revised our webinars and courses to include simple concepts and tools that make teaching and learning to sing even easier, enjoyable techniques for dealing with outdated perceptions of singing and the myriad of fears that arise in the process of learning and performing.  Fearless, enjoyable learning promotes healthy, authentic singing at every level. The new wave of teachers who understand this are providing us with exciting new performers.”

Conquer your fears!
What keeps you from being at your best as a singer?  Often, the answer to that question is fear.   Make a new year’s resolution to finally conquer the fear that is holding you back.  Contact Dr. Meribeth for a special session to analyze and customize a practical solution to your problem.  Register for this New Year’s special valid until February 15, 2015 for a one-time low price of $50 for a forty-minute session.  If after implementing the recommended solution(s), if you are not satisfied, your money will be cheerfully refunded.

New Webinars
Designed for ambitious teachers and singers, CoreSinging offers a monthly webinar addressing various subjects relevant to today’s singers.  Learn something new from the comfort of your home or office!  Upcoming scheduled topics include:

February 8, 2015       Using Concepts from Qigong in Singing and Teaching and Singing

March 8, 2015            Fearless Performance

April 12, 2015             How the Human Energy System Supports Singing

May 4, 2015                Never Forget a Song Text Again

Open webinar course fee is $50 per session.  Student registration is available for a discounted rate of $35.00 per session.
Guest Lectures and Master Classes
As a best-selling author and as the developer of a revolutionary approach to singing, Dr. Meribeth is in demand for appearances globally.  Now with the ease and power of global connections made possible by the internet, Dr. Meribeth is now available for guest lectures and master classes practically anywhere throughout the world, at anytime.   Topics can be customized to fit the needs of your group and can be scheduled for as little as $250 per hour.

Re-launch of CoreSinging Website has been redesigned and redeveloped with a fresh, modern aesthetic allowing for easier navigation and user interaction.  The main website and blog featuring Dr. Meribeth’s thoughts and recommendations have been integrated into one streamlined location.

New Teacher Certification Courses
Three CoreSinging Teacher Certification Courses are scheduled for 2015.  Dr. Meribeth will return to the United States for the first time in several years to offer the CoreSinging Teacher Certification Course from June 12 – 16.  Two additional courses will be offered in Annecy, France from April 13 -17 and from July 7 – 11.
A complete list of CoreSinging® events follows, and additional information may be found at

Upcoming Events:


January 31
CoreSinging Choral Workshop for Chorale Aliaces
Annecy, France


February 8

Open CoreSinging® Web Conference
Topic: Using concepts from Qigong in singing and teaching
CET: 4:00pm/ BST: 3:00pm/ EDT: 10:00am/ CDT: 9:00am/ MDT: 8:00am/ PDT: 7:00am


March 8
Open CoreSinging® Web Conference
Topic: Fearless Performance
CET: 4:00pm/ BST: 3:00pm/ EDT: 10:00am/ CDT: 9:00am/ MDT: 8:00am/ PDT: 7:00am


April 12
Open CoreSinging® Web Conference
Topic: How the human energy system supports singing
CET: 4:00pm/ BST: 3:00pm/ EDT: 10:00am/ CDT: 9:00am/ MDT: 8:00am/ PDT: 7:00am


April 13 – 17
CoreSinging® Teacher Certification Course
Lake Annecy, France


May 4
Open CoreSinging® Web Conference
Topic: Never forget a song text again
CET: 4:00pm/ BST: 3:00pm/ EDT: 10:00am/ CDT: 9:00am/ MDT: 8:00am/ PDT: 7:00am


June 12 – 16
CoreSinging® Teacher Certification Course
Richland, Washington


July 7 – 11
CoreSinging® Teacher Certification Course
Lake Annecy, France


About CoreSinging

Coresinging smallCoreSinging® is a new universal approach to singing that is achieving astounding results.  Using concepts developed from Eastern and Western traditions, studies on consciousness, quantum mechanics, and over 35 years of teaching singing, Meribeth Dayme is excited to offer this to all levels of singers and teachers of singing.
Learn more about CoreSinging® at


About Dr. Meribeth Dayme

Meribeth Dayme, PhD, a pioneer in the field of the singing voice, founded CoreSinging® in 2010.  Her dream is that singers become channels for healing themselves and the audiences they reach. After years of research, writing and teaching singing she has found a way to honour that dream through CoreSinging®.  She has taught singing and vocal pedagogy in university and privately for over 35 years and is recognised internationally for her textbooks on singing and teaching singing, master classes and courses. She now teaches the CoreSinging® approach via Master Classes, Webinars and Teacher Certification Courses. She also lectures around the world.
Her books include:  Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, The Singing Book (with C Vaughn), and Presence, Confidence and Personal Power, e-book found on most online book sellers.
Press release available for download in .pdf:  CoreSinging 2015



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