CoreSinging® Certification Programme Scheduled in London

AOTOS 2 (London – October 8) – Dr. Meribeth Dayme, the founder of CoreSinging® and author of the best-selling book, Dynamics of the Singing Voice will be presenting a CoreSinging Certification Programme in London this November. “A great combination of teaching and learning methods from an inspirational teacher of teachers.” Nicola Harrison of Pembroke College remarked recently about her participation in a CoreSinging workshop, “How often does anyone get the opportunity to work with a wonderful group of people and learn so much that is new? This is a totally new approach to the art of singing – and to the teaching of that art.” Three levels of CoreSinging® training will be offered in cooperation with The Voice Work Shop: Introduction to CoreSinging, Intermediate CoreSinging, and the Certificate Course. Upon completion of the program the participant will be a Certified CoreSinging® Teacher and a candidate for further certification in Advanced Teacher and Trainer Certificates. Participants can expect a nurturing and supporting atmosphere allowing one to experiment and observe, learn numerous practical and original exercises, observe master classes, receive a manual and study guide, individual video feedback and debriefing, and a tailored reading lists in the field of voice, performance and energy. Levels 2 & 3 of the course are limited to nine teachers and are available to voice professionals who teach and work with singers at any level or style. Level One: Introduction to CoreSinging® – November 15, 2015 – Urdang Academy • One day interactive course • Topics include: The anatomy of the human biofield (energy field) and its application to singing and teaching, Vocal warm-ups that are fun, therapeutic and practical, Dynamic Balance, approaches to song or choral music that incorporate vocal technique and learning in a holistic way • Workbook/manual provided • Lunch provided • Fee – £85 Level 2 Intermediate CoreSinging® – November 16 & 17, 2015 – Barnes, South London • Two day course (prerequisite Levels 1) • Topics include: Continuation of Level 1, Making your energy work for you, more warm-ups and exercise, Awareness and Performance, Dynamic Biofield Breathing • Workbook provided • Lunch provided • Fee: £550 Level 3 Certificate Course – November 18 & 19 – Barnes, South London • Two day course (prerequisite Levels 1 and 2) • Topics include: Use of concepts of Qigong in teaching, Drawing your song, How to Practice, Fearless Performance • Practicum in teaching CoreSinging® • Workbook provided • Lunch provided • Fee: £550 “Participants have said that this course changes not only their singing and teaching, but their lives.” Dr. Dayme remarked. “This so nice to hear because I feel so strongly that the more we balance our inner and outer development as people, the more authenticity we offer to our students and their public. We need naturalness, authenticity and awareness in our teachers and singers, now more than ever.” Register at A complete list of CoreSinging® events follows, and additional information may be found at September 21 – October 28 Fundamentals of CoreSinging® Lake Annecy, France October 24 – 28 CoreSinging® Teacher Certification Course Lake Annecy, France November 15 – 19 CoreSinging® Teacher Certification Course Urdang Academy London, England Glasgow, Scotland Coresinging small   About CoreSinging CoreSinging® is a cutting-edge universal approach to vocal performance pedagogy and a self-development program for teachers and singers. Dedicated to authentic and compelling singing, special small group courses and private tuition are offered for voice professionals who wish to be at the forefront of vocal teaching and performing. Featuring support for singers and teachers at all levels and experiential tools for learning without criticism, CoreSinging® is an approach which complements all other systems of vocal performance. Concepts have been drawn from the oriental mystic arts, Western tradition, and studies in consciousness, quantum mechanics and over 35 years of teaching singing. It is ideal for singers of all ages, stages and styles and enhances confidence, vocal health and compelling performance. Learn more about CoreSinging® at About Dr. Meribeth Dayme Meribeth Dayme, PhD, a pioneer in the field of the singing voice, founded CoreSinging® in 2010. Her dream is that singers become channels for healing themselves and the audiences they reach. After years of research, writing and teaching singing she has found a way to honour that dream through CoreSinging®. She has taught singing and vocal pedagogy in university and privately for over 35 years and is recognised internationally for her textbooks on singing and teaching singing, master classes and courses. She now teaches the CoreSinging® approach via Master Classes, Webinars and Teacher Certification Courses. She also lectures around the world. Her books include: Dynamics of the Singing Voice, The Performer’s Voice, The Singing Book (with C Vaughn), and Presence, Confidence and Personal Power, e-book found on most online book sellers. ####   Press release available for download in .pdf: CoreSinging® Certification Programme Scheduled in London   Contact: Christie Connolley Candescent Media (888) 444-2757