Five things you are doing wrong on Facebook

Five things you are doing wrong on Facebook
  1. You don’t have a Facebook Artist page

You are an emerging artist and you aren’t taking advantage of one of the world’s largest social marketing platforms to connect with fans and potential employers?

I have a client who was resistant to the idea of an artist page.  After an in- depth discussion, I discovered the real issue was a fear of putting himself out there.  He was concerned people would think, “Who does he think he is starting an artist page?”  That artist now has over 1,200 likes! If you were selling pretzels, you wouldn’t think twice about starting a Facebook Business page for your pretzels… the premise is the same… Don’t operate from a place of fear, it isn’t productive.


  1. You have both a personal account and a Facebook Artist page, but you update the same information to each account.

Hopefully, you will have several Facebook friends who also like your Facebook Artist page – don’t bore them with the same information over and over:

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 10.16.35 PM

Save exciting and exclusive information for your fans!  Otherwise, they may get bored and unlike your Facebook artist page altogether.


  1. You aren’t bragging on yourself!

One of the benefits to having a publicist (like Candescent Media) managing your social media is they aren’t afraid to brag about you!  After all, that is their job.

Humility, modesty…. these are great qualities, but not great marketing strategies.  Some artists are hesitant to tout their success for fear of appearing vain or self-absorbed.  Your Facebook Artist page is the place to sing your own praises!


  1. You are a rock, you are an island…

Like most social media, Facebook is not a one-way street.  You must engage your followers!  Thank them personally for liking your page.  Ask for feedback and respond to comments on your posts.  Reply to messages sent.  This is your opportunity to interact with your audience.


  1. You aren’t linking updates to your website.

You have a website, right?  (If not, Candescent Media can hook you up with web development packages starting at $250.00)  As an emerging musician a website is a must!  Drive traffic back to your website where fans and potential employers can find more information about you.  You never know, it may result in an unexpected audition invitation!